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Why Buy a Traeger Grill at Wilmes Hardware?

Traeger wood-fired, pellet grills are superior to gas & charcoal grills for a variety of reasons. Traeger grills offer superior flavor more versatility and are easier to use. 

Whether you call Iowa, Nebraska, or South Dakota home, stop by Wilmes Do it Best Hardware and see for yourself what makes a Traeger special.

5 Reasons to Buy a Traeger Grill

better taste

Better Taste

The wood-fired grilling process used by every Traeger grill naturally infuses your food with smoky flavor. With different flavors of hardwood pellets - including Hickory, Mesquite, Apple, Cherry, and many more - you can add variety to whatever you're grilling. Additional, Traeger uses only pure hardwood pellets, giving you pure hardwood flavor.

unnmatched versaitlity

Unmatched Versatility

Ever wondered what kinds of food can you grill on a Traeger?  With a Traeger grill from Wilmes Do it Best Hardware, you can grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise and BBQ just about any food you want. Its 6-in-1 capability allows you to cook everything from vegetables, chili, mac and cheese, and of course all types of delicious meat, poultry, and fish. It might be time to start wondering what you can't grill on a Traeger.

ease of use

Ease of use

With a Traeger, you spend less time monitoring your grill and more time enjoying your friends and family. Traeger's simple controls and ease of use make the entire grilling process more like using your oven thanks to easy temperature adjustments.

cooking consistency

Cooking Consistency

Always wanted to master your grill but struggled with subpar burners, uneven grilling, and fluctuating temperatures? Traeger grills help you grill like a pro by eliminating the temperature variable. Cook your food to perfection each and every time by trusting your Traeger to set and maintain the right temps. With the temperature set and maintained, the pure hardwood smoke cooks your food to perfection without using unpredictable flames and burners.

traeger truck

The Tight-Knit Traeger Community

Buying a Traeger is like being welcomed into a club of folks who love the same things that you do. The Traeger community continues to grow as more and more families experience the better taste and versatility of a Traeger. Traeger's large following is in part thanks to world-class support and customer service, as well as a huge online community of users eager to share recipes and tips.

Wilmes Hardware is proud to serve homeowners in South Sioux City, Nebraska as well as all of Dakota CountyWe provide excellent customer service and great product selection to the Nebraska communities of Jackson,  Dakota City, Waterbury, Hubbard, Homer and Ponca.  

Iowa communities served include Sioux CitySergeant Bluff, Lawton, and HintonOur South Dakota communities include Dakota Dunes, North Sioux City, and Jefferson, SD.